Frank [to Joey]: I'll have some beans there, Fumbles.
Wanda: I told you, old man, you lay off Joey or else.
Frank: Or else what?
Wanda: Or else I'll finish the job someone else started: I'll kill you!

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Wanda Henrickson, Frank Harlow
Big Love Season 1 Episode 8: "Easter"
Big Love
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Big Love Season 1 Episode 8 Quotes

Wanda [about Frank]: I wouldn't let him in your house if I were you. He makes Joey crazy, Bill hates him, and he doesn't pee in the toilet.
Nicki: Bill's not very good about lifting the seat either.
Wanda: No, Nicki. He pees in the sink

What are you being over-protective of her for? She's like one of Roman's Humvees, you know. The woman is a tank!

Frank [about Lois]