Garnet: I need to tell you something. Something classified.
Dr. Kabir: Yeah, I figured this might've been more than a friendly stroll.
Garnet: I'm a clone.

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The Ark Season 1 Episode 4: "We Weren't Supposed to be Awake"
The Ark
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The Ark Season 1 Episode 4 Quotes

Angus: The plants are sick.
Brice: Listen, kid. We've all been working double or triple duty since we woke up. Now it's your turn. Use your microscopes and your spcetro-analysis thingamabob, and you figure it out.
Angus: It's called a mass spectrometer.

Brice: Did you name the plants?
Angus: What? No! No. Name the plants? No, that'd be dumb.
Brice: Then uh... who are you talking to?
Angus: I'm... trying to determine why this cabbage patch started wilting.
Brice: Right, and you thought it would tell you.