Kelly: When we left, Carbonization had gotten much worse at a much faster rate than the government told us it would. New Africa, Australia, both American continents had fires so big they couldn't keep control. Most people couldn't escape the fires fast enough, and they died. Japan, New Zealand, Florida, Islands like Hawaii, they were submerged by the rising tides, all except the highest mountain tops.
Jelena: What about the old Europe continent?
Kelly: Basically, fallen to anarchy.

Lane: Thank you, Mr. Trust. Your backdoor codes just saved a lot of lives.
William Trust: I've just got two questions. Where the hell am I? And why?

Angus: The hull of that attacking ship says... Ark 15?
Alicia: That's who attacked us?

Dr. Kabir: Hey, she could still be alive on earth!
Felix: Robert wouldn't have left if she was alive. I shouldn't have left them. I should've stayed on earth.
Dr. Kabir: You had no choice! You told me you were ordered to be on Ark One.
Felix: I should have disobeyed orders!

Dr. Kabir: How stupid do you think I am? Do you think I would compromise myself like that? Do you really think so little of me?
Felix: Are you done yelling at me? Notice I'm here alone. I'm giving you this chance to beat your addiction. If you do that, and I will help you, this will stay between the two of us.
Dr. Kair [crying]: I didn't mean for it to get out of hand, but all the other doctors are dead and I'm the only one left, so I started taking them to stay awake, so I could help my patients!

Eva: Where'd you get the booze?
Brice: Booze?
Eva: Isn't that why you passed out?
Brice: Okay, firstly, I'm Scottish, so I don't pass out from booze.

Eva: Is it contagious? How do I know that you won't pass out at a time that endangers others?
Brice: It's not, and I won't.
Eva: Give me your word.
Brice: I swear on my mother.
Eva: Do you like your mother?
Brice: Yes very much.
Eva: Then your secret is safe with me.

They went two by two into the Ark.


Garnet: I need to tell you something. Something classified.
Dr. Kabir: Yeah, I figured this might've been more than a friendly stroll.
Garnet: I'm a clone.

Brice: Did you name the plants?
Angus: What? No! No. Name the plants? No, that'd be dumb.
Brice: Then uh... who are you talking to?
Angus: I'm... trying to determine why this cabbage patch started wilting.
Brice: Right, and you thought it would tell you.

Angus: This element's not on the periodic table.
Lane: So are you any closer to knowing what hit us or not?
Angus: Well, it's made of something that hasn't been discovered on earth. Which means it probably doesn't exist on earth. That means it's found somewhere else.

Angus: The plants are sick.
Brice: Listen, kid. We've all been working double or triple duty since we woke up. Now it's your turn. Use your microscopes and your spcetro-analysis thingamabob, and you figure it out.
Angus: It's called a mass spectrometer.

The Ark Quotes

Garnet: They're not children. They volunteered to be here and deserve an honest command.
Brice: And naturally, you're the best person to step up to the plate?
Garnet: I'm the person that did step up. What the hell did you do?

Starting today, we have to expect more of each other. Of ourselves. We have no alternatives.

Lieutenant Garnet