Samantha: I'm paying a fortune to live in a neighbouhood that's trendy by day and trannie by night.
Charlotte: Trannie?
Samantha: Transexuals. Chicks with dicks. Boobs on top, balls down below.
Miranda: I don't get the appeal there?
Carrie: It's the other white meat.

Carrie Bradshaw, Samantha Jones, Miranda Hobbes, Charlotte York Goldenblatt
Sex and the City Season 3 Episode 18: "Cock-a-Doodle-Do"
Sex and the City
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Sex and the City Season 3 Episode 18 Quotes

Carrie: Well, I definitely do try to figure out what went wrong, but, I don't think I obsess.
Miranda: Oh, my God! You're Miss Obsess. Big?
Carrie: Yeah, okay, yes, Big. Big was tricky, I still don't know what happened there.
Samantha: Honey, you look back so much you should have a relationship rear-view mirror.

Samantha: Who wants a wiener?
Transsexual: Girl, I'm trying to get rid of one.