Pete: Is that Ray Daniels?
Sam: Who's Ray Daniels?
Pete: Come on Sam, Rocket-Ray? The Tour de France, Olympic gold medalist. You follow sports.
Sam: Yeah, football, basketball. Riding a bike is not a sport.

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Sam Bennett, Pete Wilder
Private Practice Season 2 Episode 9: "Know When to Fold"
Private Practice
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Private Practice Season 2 Episode 9 Quotes

Lockhart: I like you, Monty. Let me take you out to dinner, show you I'm grateful. And I'm not as bad as you think.
Addison: I'll take your word for it. Oh, and if you call me Monty again, I'm going to plunge a scalpel through your hand.

(Kevin is sitting on the stairs)
Addison: How was work?
Kevin: This is as far as I got.
Addison: You been sitting here all day?
Kevin: Yeah. Yeah, my ass fell asleep two hours ago. It's not funny.