JACKSON: Look at him protecting us from a 12-year-old strapped into a CT. That is our tax dollars at work.
APRIL: He's just doing his job.
JACKSON: That's what they always say. What about the cop who shot him? Was he just doing his job?
APRIL: I've seen soldiers get so wound up with stress they shoot first before they even know what they're shooting at.
BAILEY: You think that's OK?
APRIL: No, of course not. Those are war zones. This was an upper-class neighborhood.
JACKSON: Yeah, those can be the worst ones for us. I grew up in those neighborhoods. Just being there is suspicious. Constantly stopped for fitting the description. I remember I was walking, carrying these speakers for my friend, and these cops pull up on me, tires screeching, yelling at me, guns drawn, slammed me into the car, handcuffed me. I was one block from my front door.
APRIL: You never told me that.
JACKSON: It doesn't really come up until it does.

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Grey's Anatomy Season 14 Episode 10: "Personal Jesus"
Grey's Anatomy
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