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Meredith assumes that Jo and Alex had something to do with Paul's hit and run. They deny it. She tells them to get out before the police come around asking questions. 

Jennie approaches Jo assuming that she had something to do with it. The two of them talk about Paul and how his abuse worked and affected them. Paul had some brain issues and broken ribs. 

After talking with Jo, Jennie decides that she wants to confront Paul and tell him that she's leaving him, but she's also going to press charges. Paul, who has been lashing out and ready to go home, jumps from his bed to attack her, falls, and hits his head. He ends up in brain dead and JO, because she's legally still married to him, has to decide what to do. She donates his organs, so some good can come from it.

Ben and the other EMTs bring a 12 yr old in who has been shot in the neck by a cop. Cops escort him and have him handcuffed. The cops thought he was breaking into a house in a fancy neighborhood, but it turns out he lost his key and was trying to get int ohis own house. His family comes in and confirms this, but the cops still treat like him a criminal. 

Jackson is upset about this case. He tells Bailey, and April about the things he dealt with growing up in a nicer neighborhood. April is surprised. The kid has complications because the bullet was so close to his carotid artery. He dies. Jackson goes off on the cops and tells them about their unconscious bias. 

April helps Arizona's pregnant patient. She helps her deliver her baby. The woman is super nice, and when the woman's husband shows up, April comes face-to-face with Matthew, the man she left at the altar. The baby is OK but Karen, the mother, has complications. Arizona is upset at April for not calling her sooner. 

April and Matthew have a short talk where he says it's a good thing April left him because he met Karen. It's not the most pleasant. They also bump into each other at the chapel. He leaves without speaking to her. Karen dies. Matthew is left with a dead wife and a new baby. 

April finds out about her death right after finding out that the boy, Eric, died, and also finding out that Paul died. 

She talks to the teen who came in after trying to cut his hand off to stop himself from masturbating. they have a discussion about God and the Bible. She has a bit of a crisis of faith. She goes to the bar to drink and hooks up with an intern.

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