Emily: Thank you for meeting me.
EZ: Sure
Emily: Oh, no, I'm okay.
EZ: You're always shivering. You okay? That was rough today.
Emily: It was my fault. Miguel was right. It was a mistake to go to him.
EZ: Seemed pretty urgent.
Emily: That's why I wanted to see you. I know I have no right to ask you this.
EZ: Ask me what?
Emily: I need your help, EZ. I need a favor.
EZ: Okay.
Emily: This Agra Park project that Miguel and I are working on. There's a bidding process that we should've won, but our Chinese competitor, they bribed a clerk in city planning. They got inside information so they edged us out. I need -- fuck, I'm so sorry.
EZ: Just ask me, Em.
Emily: I need this to work, EZ. I need something to work. This project's all I have right now, and this asshole just undermined everything.
EZ: This what you're gonna tell Galindo?
Emily: Yes. That's why its a mistake to go to him. I can't tell Miguel.
EZ: Why? What's he gonna say?
Emily: It's not what he's gonna say. It's what he'll do. I just need to keep the other world out of this.
EZ: And what world am I in?
Emily: Hopefully, mine.
EZ: How'd you find out about the bribe?
Emily: A friend in city planning. She got suspicious. I just need somebody to talk to him. Tell him he has been found out; that we'll call the police. We'll check his phone, his email records. We just give him a chance to tell the truth. No charges. He walks away.
EZ: And if he doesn't?
Emily: Well, he's got to. He's just a clerk, EZ. He's not gonna risk going to jail.
EZ: I'll try.
Emily: It has to be done by tomorrow night.

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Mayans M.C. Season 2 Episode 6: "Muluc"
Mayans M.C.
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Mayans M.C. Season 2 Episode 6 Quotes

Bishop: So big brother, how is he?
EZ: He's fucked up, but not broken. Somethings shifted.
Bishop: Keep him close.
EZ: Absolutely.

Happy: I was in Berdoo yesterday. Told Packer I had some bounty hunter up my ass questioning an old job. Had to pull anything I booked through his charter, make copies.
EZ: He keeps files on that shit?
Happy: Yeah, coded.
Angel: Have to. A lot of pieces of pie to be cut. Keeps us honest.
Happy: This one is the info for your folks.
EZ: Five entries.
Angel: Whats this number mean? WU3459.
EZ: Western union.
Happy: The last four digits. I id'd the branch, Hermosillo. Sonora, Mexico.
EZ: Sonora? Galindo.
Happy: Back then, could've been Lobo Sonora too. There were more players.
Angel: Well, five payments is somebody who's obviously trying to avoid having a big number flagged.
Happy: Most likely.
EZ: This period of time, Galindo Senior was already under the DOJ's thumb. If he wanted to get anything done behind their backs, he'd have to hide it.
Angel: Bury it in household accounts.