The end comes for all of us Ezekiel.


It is the end of their era, and it is the rise of ours.


Let's finish this war.


There's no turning back after this.


E.Z.: He had nothing to do with it.
Bishop: Prove it.

I know you probably did it for him.


Hope: She's going to come for me. She always does.
Isaac: She's long forgotten about you.

We can't let what happened to Creeper happen to another brother.


Who pulled the trigger?


Angel: I can't be there.
Felipe: Your home and his home is here. It always will be.

Usually, it's you guys who kill each other.


Adelita: You are Adelita.
Mini: And you are the devil.

Mayans M.C. Quotes

It's a very unpleasant way to lose weight. If there's anything you can remember it might save you from dropping another 40.


Creeper: Make sure he knows what's he's doing!
Angel: He also wants a sex change, doctor.
Gilly: Yes he wants it...very tight.
Coco: And the lips, very pretty... soft like my mother's.
Angel: You always got to make it weird don't you!