I don't need fixed.


Gaby: Ezekiel?
Angel: She's coming with us.

This is the last thing I need right now is you showing up here.


Gaby: He had a life, and Angel took it from him. I need to do what's right.
EZ: But, he's my brother.

EZ: Me, Angel, and Gilly. They won'r see it coming.
Taza: Gilly isn't going.
Gilly: The hell I'm not.

Manny: It was the sons.
EZ: No, it wasn't
Manny: He never told you?

You need to watch your back.


Fuck it. I'm in.


They buried Montez. You got your war.

Sons of Anarchy Member

The Santo Padre charter is like a weed. It needs taken out by the root.

Call this a wellness check.


Hope: I love you.
Coco: You're corny.

Mayans M.C. Quotes

It's a very unpleasant way to lose weight. If there's anything you can remember it might save you from dropping another 40.


Creeper: Make sure he knows what's he's doing!
Angel: He also wants a sex change, doctor.
Gilly: Yes he wants it...very tight.
Coco: And the lips, very pretty... soft like my mother's.
Angel: You always got to make it weird don't you!