Miguel: I told you if I ever saw you again, I'd kill you.
Felipe: I thought you'd want this.

Emily: Do you remember when we were last here? You thought you weren't getting in.
EZ: I know.

Lady: I'll stay with her.
Emily: I'm good.
Lady: I'll stay.

EZ: We could make them work for us.
Angel: But it won't work out like that. We need to watch what we'redoing.

Man: Hi Miguel.
Miguel: This is for Tomas.

Felipe: You need to tell him.
Adelita: I will.
Felipe: He'll find out sooner or later.

He pissed on Tito's head after attacking him.


This is your nephew.
E.Z. I'm an uncle?


You're the birthday boy.


You brought us weapons that look like they're from the cold war.


E.Z.: Did you forget what day it is?
Angel: What?
E.Z.: Does anything specific happen on this day every year?

Angel: Is that a threat?
EZ: Do you think it is?