Wake up, Coco. Please.


You think there's happy endings in this town, in this house?


There's only one King, you.

I don't think my mother committed suicide.


I got accepted for nurses school.


I fucked up.


I want to bring this MC back to its glory, but first, there's gonna be a reckoning.


How many dead Mayans are you going to be happy with?

Angel: You made it.
EZ: Wouldn't miss it.

Being in two places at one time is a sure way to end up dead.


He came out of nowhere and just started blasting.


Alvarez: Don't touch them, that clear?
Bishop: You're not a Mayan, so don't come around here thinking you got a say in what I do.

Mayans M.C. Quotes

It's a very unpleasant way to lose weight. If there's anything you can remember it might save you from dropping another 40.


Creeper: Make sure he knows what's he's doing!
Angel: He also wants a sex change, doctor.
Gilly: Yes he wants it...very tight.
Coco: And the lips, very pretty... soft like my mother's.
Angel: You always got to make it weird don't you!