(The Buy more gang tries to kidnap Chuck in ninja suits, when Casey stops it and orders them to take the masks off and un-tie Chuck)
Lester: Man up, Charles.
Chuck: Why would you do this to me?
Morgan: I'm sorry man, it was a practice run for when we kidnap Awesome for his bachelor party.
Chuck: You guys aren't even invited.
Lester: What finer way to be invited than to kidnap the guest of honor.
Jeff: A bachelor party is a mythical place where booze and women are free...it's Xanadu.

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Chuck Bartowski, Morgan Grimes, Jeff Barnes, Lester Patel
Chuck Season 2 Episode 18: "Chuck Versus the Broken Heart"
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Chuck Season 2 Episode 18 Quotes

Alex [dressed as stripper]: I understand one of you has been a naughty, naughty boy.
Lester: Me, oh my God, pick me, I'm so bad, I've been bad, I've been bad, I'm a bad person, I'm a terrible person.
Jeff: I broke eight and a half commandments on the way to work this morning

General Beckman: I wanted to have a private word with you... pardon the intrusion
Chuck: On this moment or my life in general?