Henry: May I present Doctor and Mister Jack Carter!
Allison: Jack, we're married
Jack: How's it feel?
Allison: Wet.

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Jack Carter, Dr. Allison Blake, Dr. Henry Deacon
Eureka Season 5 Episode 8: "In Too Deep"
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Eureka Season 5 Episode 8 Quotes

Jack: Do you know how Fargo's been living on my couch and spending every second with his sort of dead girlfriend, it's not healthy. So I'm wondering in your lovable and tactful way maybe......
Andy: Kick'em to the curb?
Jack: Glad we understand each other.

Allison: Fargo when was the last time you ate, or bathed, or weren't here?
Fargo: My beloved can't leave so I'm not leaving. Don't worry I have plenty of sick days.