(Carrie and Charlotte are stretching together in yoga class)
Carrie: (voiceover) My Zen teacher once told me that there was nothing like
yoga to quiet a busy mind. Just as I had reached the moment of no thought...
Charlotte: (whispering) I think I broke my vagina.
Carrie: Oh sorry, am I pulling too hard?
Charlotte: No, metaphorically, I mean. With "the rabbit."

Carrie Bradshaw, Charlotte York Goldenblatt
Sex and the City Season 1 Episode 9: "The Turtle and the Hare"
Sex and the City
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Sex and the City Season 1 Episode 9 Quotes

Stanford's grandmother: Do you want a family?
Carrie: (voice)As I looked around at all the memorabilia and family photographs, the faces of brides and grooms, children and grandchildren, I realized... (end of voiceover) Yes, I do.

Miranda: You haven't met the Rabbit.
Samantha: Oh, come on. If you're going to get a vibrator, at least get one called the Horse.