Rockstead: I love what you've done with the place, making it your own. Exotic.
Lola: What, the pillows?
Sherri: Okay, let's go.
Rockstead: The ICE thing, I'd appreciate it if you don't drag the rest of us into your little theatrical.
Lola: I think you would be just as concerned about this situation as I am.
Rockstead: Not everyone in this building thinks like you, Judge Carmichael. To assume that only reveals your youth. My advice, pull the thorn and keep walking.

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All Rise Season 1 Episode 2: "Long Day's Journey into ICE"
All Rise
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All Rise Season 1 Episode 2 Quotes

Sherri: We need to talk unauthorized furniture.
Lola: Good morning, Sherri.
Sherri: This is a perfectly good bookcase.
Lola: For Game of Thrones. I'm sure someone around here will want it.
Sherri: Your honor.
Lola: Call me Lola.
Sherri: Never gonna happen.
Lola: Let's give it a try, it's a fun name to say. Good morning Sherri. Good morning--
Sherri: Your honor.

Lola: The governor signed a bill last year. I thought we won this battle.
Lisa: We did. Hey, I need to talk to the L.A. County sheriff. He's not going to take the call, so you just have to threaten him a little. Thanks. What are the charges?
Lola: Felony assault, first offense, no warrants out on the accused.
Lisa: He's undocumented.
Lola: This doesn't make any sense. How did ICE even know he was there? Somebody tipped them off.
Lisa: They're planning something bigger and are softening the ground with the least experience judged in the building. Where's the defendant now?
Lola: Courtroom holding, we're in recess.
Lisa: Judge Carmichael. Your court is now a legal and political minefield. Please endeavor not to blow anything up until I can get some answers.
Lola: Got it. Don't blow anything up. How exactly do I do that?
Lisa: Remain impartial. Don't let any of this affect the outcome of your defendant's trial.