Bow: Diane has been trying to get in touch with you.
Zoey: Oh, I was going to call her back.
Bow: Do you understand what happened tonight? Wyatt canceled. He canceled ice cream with Diane.
Zoey: Ok. It is not that big of a deal. I figured she had it handled.
Bow: She chose you to be there for her, and you promised that you would be.
Zoey: You’re just coming down on me because she wants my help and not yours.
Bow: Ok, I get that you are in college now Zoey. You can stop by the house to pick up your clothes and drop your little smart-ass comments whenever you want. Fine! But you cannot fly in and out of your sister’s life. Do you hear me? She is 13-years-old, and that was her first date. Zoey, you have a responsibility to be there for her and to treat her better than some skirt that you just left behind.

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black-ish Season 5 Episode 2: "Don't You Be My Neighbor"
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black-ish Season 5 Episode 2 Quotes

Janine: The Kelly’s really screwed us when they decided to rent out their house. I mean these people leave pizza boxes on the lawn, and they park in front of my driveway. Last weekend there was a party, I found human poo in my garden.
Dre: It could have been animal.
Janine laughing: Oh Dre! I think I know the difference.
Dre: I can’t believe I am agreeing with you, but this does need to be handled.
Janine: That is why I am talking to all the neighbors, and we are going to call the police.
Dre: Nope. Good luck with your white people fight. Keep my name out of it.

Jack: What are you doing?
Dre: Can you believe how far this Airbnb lady parked her car in the street? It has got to be over 3 feet from the curb. Hey, you want to help me measure it before I call it into the police?
Jack: Woah, I thought Johnson’s don’t snitch?
Dre: Don’t be ignorant. It is not snitching when you are a homeowner.
Jack: Oh, ok cool.