Cathleen Kerik: Okay. What is it exactly that you don't like about me?
Det. Lydia Adams: I don't like the fact that if this girl was found in an alley in Brentwood, this would be front-page news. I don't like that there's a backlog of rape DNA of 3,000 cases. I don't like the skirt you wear. I don't like your hairstyle. I don't like that every time a man is within 15 feet of you, you push out your chest and your voice gets all kittenish.

Southland Season 1 Episode 4: "Sally in the Ally"
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Southland Season 1 Episode 4 Quotes, Southland Quotes
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Southland Season 1 Episode 4 Quotes

I took my boys out to lunch the other day, right, and, uh... Petey starts horsing around, juggling meatballs up in the air. My little guy hates to be upstaged by his brother so he takes his peas and starts shoving them up his nose. (laughs) So now it's official. The Moretta boys are banned from Denny's for life.

Det. Nate Moretta

Det. Sammy Bryant: Everything all right?
Det. Nate Moretta: Yeah, man, yeah. It's just my sister. She keeps driving my parents crazy. They never know where she's going or who she's going with.
Det. Sammy Bryant: It's what teenagers do, remember?