Victory: Promise one thing if I'm ever incapacitated, one of you will be my plucker.
Nico: I'm afraid.
Victory: If you're in a coma not a lot of grooming.
Nico: With trying to save your life and all...
Victory: If i wake up i don't want to look like Tom Selleck

Nico Reilly, Victory Ford
Lipstick Jungle Season 1 Episode 7: "Carpe Threesome"
Lipstick Jungle
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Lipstick Jungle Season 1 Episode 7 Quotes

Victory: As long as your my boss there's no point in discussing a romantic relationship.
Joe: That leaves is in a bit of a pickle doesn't it? And pickles and truffles. Not sexy.

Kirby: You should have lunch here more often.
Nico: Maybe next time you'll actually give me something to eat.

Lipstick Jungle Season 1 Episode 7 Music

  Song Artist
Song Chains Of Love Kreesha Turner
Song Big Sky Annie Lennox
Song Someone Like Me Lindsay Price