Stiles: Okay, so Liam, since you're the new Alpha.
Liam: I'm not an alpha.
Stiles: Right, but, you know, alpha in training.
Liam: Well I'd have to kill an alpha.
Stiles: Liam, since you are taking over, the most important thing you can remember is that Mason is always going to be the one who is there to save your ass all the time.
Scott: Not all the time.
Stiles: Most of the time. Which is why, I think think you are going to need this.
[Stiles gives Mason a baseball bat]
Mason: I don't play baseball.
Stiles: Right, neither do I. It's not the point.

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Teen Wolf Season 6 Episode 10: "Riders on the Storm"
Teen Wolf
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Teen Wolf Season 6 Episode 10 Quotes

Noah: Get help. Find your friends.
Stiles: Dad, what about you?
Noah: We'll find each other again.

Oh, I found you. I can't believe I found you.