Sonya: What was he like at the end?
Harry: Scared. He. He was [cries].

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The Sinner Season 3 Episode 8: "Part 8"
The Sinner
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The Sinner Season 3 Episode 8 Quotes, The Sinner Quotes
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The Sinner Season 3 Episode 8 Quotes

Harry: Why didn't you leave your house when I told you to?
Sonya: I, I knew it was dangerous, but I, I just couldn't stop myself.
Harry: You want to see him again.
Sonya: I thought that maybe I could reach him. It was like a test. I wanted it. I wanted to survive it.

Sonya: And you? You have been through a lot lately.
Jamie: You know, I came here to kill you.
Sonya: I thought that might be the case.