Jamie's Last Stand - The Sinner
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Jamie is prickly pearing while watching a bunch of ants on sand.

He's still on the sand trap where he just killed the captain.

He's eating at a diner with a very stranger look on his face. A girl is snapping selfies, and he's fascinated.

Harry is saying goodbye to the captain. Vic wonders why Jamie took down the captain.

Vic is in charge now. It's what the captain wanted.

Jamie shuts off his phone when he gets somewhere.

Harry found a paper finger game choosing who Jamie would kill next. He had crossed off the captain's name. Jamie is now eying Eli outside of his martial arts studio.

Eli hasn't texted his mom yet, and Ambrose has to break the news someone is probably trying to hurt them.

Harry's next call is to Sonya.

First, Harry has to try to comfort his daughter. Melanie is very confused, and Eli is nowhere to be found.

She wonders what Harry did to Jamie. That's a load.

Sonya has a bag packed when she hears someone walk onto her porch. Stupidly, she opens the door and goes outside. She left the back door open, so Jamie is inside.

Jamie wonders why she decided to stay even after Harry warned her.

Stress isn't a good look on Jamie.

Sonya's crisis has effected the way she paints.

Sonya sees the struggle in Jamie and doesn't think he wants to do it. But he's killed three people and has waited for something to stop him, but nothing ever does.

That expectation is just his conscience. There is no one actually watching. There's no meaning, just the before and after.

Jamie wanted to talk, so he chose not to hurt Sonya. But now that he has nobody to return to, maybe he doesn't have any reason to stop.

Maybe we're all hypocrites, Sonya says. Maybe that's the only way through a life.

Harry and friends got there just before Jamie killed Sonya. But Jamie didn't say anything about Eli.

Harry realizes that Jamie wants to torture him and taken him to the edge where he is.

Yep. He's still on Sonya's property.

Jamie is outside of his home with Leela. There is a cop in the street, but Leela is closing up the house, so he manages to walk right up to the sliding glass door in the back.

They connect through the glass.

He drinks her in, moves away from the glass, and walks away.

Jamie calls Harry to tell him he's getting low on milk and to go alone if he wants to see Eli.

Harry sees Eli through the window. The kid looks petrified. Just then, Jamie pummels Harry in the had. With Harry's gun in hand, Jamie points Harry inside.

Jamie says they need Eli right now and to put him in a chair.

Jamie directs Harry to put the headphones onto Eli.

Jamie made Harry a finger game.

Three answers say Eli lives and one says Eli dies. Jamie figures it's fair odds.

Jamie threatens that he'll pull the trigger unless Harry picks a number. Harry calls his bluff. If he kills Eli and then Harry, Jamie will be all alone with no one. They scuffle with the gun, and it goes off. Harry has Eli run down the driveway. Harry can't run at all, so he falls a lot while Jamie follows.

Jamie follows Harry ocassionally shooting the gun into the sky. Eventually it all catches up with you, Harry, he says.

Gun in the back of his britches, Jamie picks up a slab of wood to batter Harry with, apparently.

Harry falls over a log. Jamie cracks him good in the back wondering if Harry is "there yet."

Harry slams Jamie over the head with a rock. I guess he's there?

Harry heads back to the house. Doesn't bother closing the door. Eli isn't inside. Harry is in his safe. He has a nother gun fully loaded.

It's a standoff in the kitchen. Jamie decides to put down the gun. Harry doesn't follow suit.

Jamie tells Harry to call for backup. He'll be arrested and will go to jail, but he doesn't think Ambrose will be satisfied either.

Until you bring what's unconscious into consciousness, it will control your life and you will call it fate. The more you deny what's inside of you, the stronger it will come after you from inside. It also comes from outside like the people who come into your life at just the right time. Like Nick. He was Jamie's fate, and now Jamie's Harry's. The only reason he's here anymore is to force Ambrose to admit they're the same.

If it's not Jamie, it will be someone else coming back at him over and over and BOOM. Harry shoots Jamie in the gut.

Harry walks right out of the house and calls Vic. They need an ambulance.

Inside, Jamie is bleeding profusely.

Jamie asks for help. It won't stop. The blood is pouring out of Jamie like a spiggot. He's freaking out a little bit. It seems he doesn't want to die after all.

Jamie says Harry didn't have to shoot him. All he had to do was call for them.

Jamie doesn't take death well. Vic can't get the call from Harry asking if there is someone closer.

Harry tried to get Jamie to stay calm. Jamie begins to realize they're not going to make it in time. Harry wants Jamie to stay calm to buy some time.

Jamie cries. He doesn't want to die. Harry tries to do what he can to let Jamie go in the same way that Jamie did it for Nick. Harry says everyone has to go sooner or later, and he's not alone. It calms Jamie just a bit.

Jamie says he's not a bad person. Harry knows. He just wants him to maintain eye contact. Jamie wants Harry to hold his hand. Harry soothes Jamie as he dies in his arms.

There are cops all over Harry's place. He can't stop staring at the blood on his hands in much the same way that Jamie couldn't stop looking at the blood on his when Nick died.

Harry wants to report the shooting, but Vic doesn't think he has to worry about anything.

Harry is at Sonya's place. He has about six more weeks with the cast and some PT. He can still work. It's not too bad.

Winter is coming. Sonya thinks Harry looks good despite the beating.

Sonya saw Leela Burns in town yesterday. The store is busy. The two are going to become friends.

Sonya keeps thinking about Jamie. So does Harry. She wants to know something about that last night. What was he like at the end?

The Sinner
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The Sinner Season 3 Episode 8 Quotes

Harry: Why didn't you leave your house when I told you to?
Sonya: I, I knew it was dangerous, but I, I just couldn't stop myself.
Harry: You want to see him again.
Sonya: I thought that maybe I could reach him. It was like a test. I wanted it. I wanted to survive it.

Sonya: And you? You have been through a lot lately.
Jamie: You know, I came here to kill you.
Sonya: I thought that might be the case.