Trevor: Do you see yourself having another one of these?
Tommy: Oh, honey, I can dance all night.
Trevor: I meant another wedding.
Tommy: Oh, if you asked me six months ago, I would've said hell no.
Trevor: And now?
Tommy: I'll just say this, you are very lucky no one is tossing a bouquet.

I'm not asking you to kill me, Owen. I'm just asking you to be there with me when I do it.


Tyler Kennedy Strand, you are the dream I would not allow myself to have. I have lived my life in so much fear, closed off, shut down in ways I didn't realize, but you are the key that unlocked me. The fact that I am standing here with you today, before God, my family, and everyone, is nothing short of a miracle. You're a miracle, TK Strand, my miracle and the greatest adventure of my life. And no matter where the journey takes us, I vow to be there be by your side, I vow to be the caretaker of your wild heart.


Carlos, when I first met you, you looked at me as if you knew something about me that I didn't know myself. You saw me for the man I had become and you lit the path for me to get there. I spent so long feeling like I didn't deserve happiness or even a future, like maybe I was too broken, but you changed that, and whenever I see you, and whenever I'm with you, I am whole, and I vow to take care and nurture your heart for the rest of my life as if it was my own.


Owen: But the brutal reality is that you may not ever know who did this and if you don't make peace with that, then your father's life isn't the only one that gunman took. To Gabriel.
Carlos: Te quiero siempre, Papá.
Owen: He knows.

Carlos: Gabriel is not here right now, is he?
Owen: But I am.

Judd: I just want to help you, son.
Wyatt: I know, and I appreciate that, dad. I just don't think that this is the best thing for our relationship.

Grace: You gonna quit your job?
Judd: Babe, for 17 years, I wasn't there for that boy, and I have the chance to make that right, and I ain't going to miss it. Grace: OK.

Judd: They say it's a 99% chance that he could never walk again.
Tommy: Hey, 99 ain't 100.

Everybody, this is Judd Ryder. He's... my best friend.


Gabriel: Sounds like you're calling me a Tío Tomás.
Carlos: No, I didn't say that, Dad. I do understand the desire to be accepted by people who have historically rejected you. Gabriel: And can I ask you how long you've felt this way?
Carlos: The legacy of the Texas Ranger isn't exactly a secret, Dad.
Gabriel: No, I mean how long you've been ashamed of me.

Please don't get Biblical on me, Preacher Man.


9-1-1: Lone Star Quotes

TK: You know I'm holding a dart.
Carlos: You know I'm packing a piece.
TK: That's hot.

Owen: Well, I'm flattered, but if you're gonna put diversity first, shouldn't you hire somebody who's, you know, diverse?
Radford: We need somebody like you. We need somebody who truly understands how much rebuilding this house is gonna heal the community.