You know you were standing right there when you asked me out on a date, and, uh, I'm not sure I've ever been so happy. Until right now.

Chimney [to Maddie]

Chimney: But admit it, you do miss Captian Han just a little.
Hen: Not even a little.

You're a fool. But I love you, too.

Athena [to Bobby]

Maddie: He's all alone.
Josh: He's not. He's surrounded by people who want to help him.
Maddie: Then how come no one's running in there?
Josh: They can't. You know that.

Eddie: Being with me is what's best for Christopher. I chose this life for a reason.
Ramon: You can choose another one.

Teacher: Emily. Was that your lunch?
Emily: Yes.
Athena: Why didn't you say something?
Emily: I don't like tuna fish. Am I under arrest?

Chimney: I miss you know. Being in the ambulance with you. Kicking ass. Saving lives. I feel like everything's changed.
Hen: Not this. You might not be my partner now, but you're still my best friend, Chim. And that's never gonna change.

Maddie: I spent years not having a voice, and now that I do, it just feels like what I'm saying doesn't matter.
Sue: Oh, I think you underestimate yourself and your contribution here.
Maddie: I appreciate that. But honestly, here I'm just a person who sends help, and I need to get back to being the person who gives it.

Chimney: Can I change my mind? Stop being their boss, go back to being their friend?
Bobby: A good captain finds a way to do both.

We need you back, Bobby. The place doesn't work without you.


Buck: Interim Cap. This is just temporary until Bobby comes back.
Chimney: You keep telling yourself that, Buck.

Bobby: You are gonna learn to respect the chain of command, Deluca or you're not gonna work here anymore.
Deluca: Screw you.
Bobby: Yeah, I guess I got my answer. You're relieved of duty.

9-1-1 Season 2 Quotes

Maddie: But you're still together?
Buck: Yeah. I mean, I mean she said I should, you know, do whatever I wanted while she was away. But what I want is for her to come back. I like the me that I am with her.

Chimney: Okay. That is a beautiful man.
Hen: Where is the lie? And I like girls.