Marvin: Look at me using my superpowers for good. I feel like the Dark Knight.
Athena: Don't get carried away.

You want to be a hero, be the one who lives to tell the tale!


Okay, listen up. Here's how you make it to the end of the day. You don't worry about the things that you can't do anything about. You focus on one task at a time. I can't order you guys to go inside that building and I'm not gonna judge you if you decide not to.


Bobby: How's your sister settling in down there?
Buck: Well, she's a Buckley. Practically running the place.

Standing in between you and anyone who thinks they can hurt you is exactly where I want to be standing.

Buck [to Maddie]

Bobby: How long are we supposed to sneak around like this? Because I'm not going to be satisfied with stolen kisses and take-out containers. I don't like keeping us a secret. It feels like lying.
Athena: You kept your secret about your past from everyone else for years.

Eddie: You're a badass under pressure, brother.
Buck: Me?
Eddie: Hell yeah. You can have my back any day.
Buck: Yeah. Or, you know, you could have mine.
Eddie: Deal.

Eddie: What's your problem man?
Buck: Okay. You. You're my problem. Your comfort level. You're, you're not just supposed to just walk in here like you've been here for years. It's meant to be a getting to know you period. You're meant to respect your elders.
Chimney: You're not his elder, Buck.

Maddie: But you're still together?
Buck: Yeah. I mean, I mean she said I should, you know, do whatever I wanted while she was away. But what I want is for her to come back. I like the me that I am with her.

Chimney: Okay. That is a beautiful man.
Hen: Where is the lie? And I like girls.

Abby: I must be crazy to be leaving you behind.
Buck: You're not leaving anything behind. You're moving toward something. And I'm going to be right here when you come back, okay?

Buck: Well, it's tragic.
Chimney: Let's not forget this was an online predator.
Buck: Was he though? It's not like he was tricking women into hooking up. He never went out.
Chimney: If he could even get out. Why are you defending him?

9-1-1 Quotes

Athena: Hey, you do not get to choose who lives and who dies.
Buck: Really, because I was under the impression that kind of was my job.

Come on, Bobby, see the fire, put out the fire, the rest is blah-blah.