Bobby: I just needed you to know I heard everything you said.
Amir: Thank you. I feel seen. Of course I always feel seen, mostly because people are always staring at me.

Bobby: When I think about that night, I always count the bodies. The lives lost. But I never counted the survivors. The people left behind.
Athena: You were battling your own grief.
Bobby: Step nine. Make direct amends to such people wherever possible. I need to make amends.

Amir: Man, I don’t know what’s worse. Dying out here in the shade or letting your ass save me.
Bobby: Well, given where things are at, there’s a pretty good chance I’ll fail.
Amir: Now you’re just trying to cheer me up.

Bobby: I love you.
Athena: I love you, too. But you’re not the same man you were ten years ago.
Bobby: I don’t think that matters to him.
Athena: I need that to matter to you.

Athena: Handsome couple. Do you know them?
Bobby: I killed her.

It’s time to find your new mommy.


Amir: Nash.
Romero: You know Bobby?
Amir: No, no. But I’d like to.

Josh: Maddie, you worked with what information you had.
Maddie: But I didn’t listen to her. I listened to him. What else did I miss?

Officer Tejada: Sargeant Grant. I found something. It’s not burnt. That means they left the scene before the car caught on fire.
Athena: Question is, where are they now?

Eddie: Hey, sorry about that.
Marisol: You okay? You look like you’ve seen a ghost.
Eddie: Yeah, no, I’m fine.
Marisol: Is that a truth or a lie?

Maddie: Marrying me is stressing him out.
Hen: Wrong. It's the one thing he didn't stress about at all.
Maddie: Maybe I got too caught up in the dream wedding. I was so excited about marrying him.
Hen: Listen, the only thing I'm sure about right now is that he couldn't wait to marry you.

Eddie: I didn't know you could bring a date to a bachelor party.
Tommy: Hey, I knew Chimney before he was Chimney.
Buck: Yeah. Also, he's not officially my date until the wedding tomorrow. Tonight is about Chimney.
Eddie: But his wedding is about you?

9-1-1 Season 7 Quotes

Chimney: How do you suppose that happens?
Hen: I assume something broke.
Chimney: No, I mean, how do two people live together in the same roof for thirty years and end up full of resentment and disdain?
Hen: I believe you just answered your own questions.

Athena: What?
Frank: So, you're saying you're traumatized by a TV movie you saw when you were a child?
Athena: A major motion picture. Shelley Winters was even nominated for Best Supporting Actress at the Oscars that year.
Frank: Did she win?
Athena: No, she did not.