Katherine: Hi. I just came in for a bite.
Gary: Is he a good dude?
Katherine: Well, I hope you win. You deserve to be happy, Katherine.

Rome: You wanna go on a date with me sometime?
Gina: A date?
Rome: Yeah. You should probably know. I'm married.
Gina: Married. Really? Me too.

Gary: You know what life is really about?
Danny: I'm 12.
Gary: Friendship. You and me. Right here, dude. Yeah. Us. That's what it's about.

Gary: Dr. Stacy was right. You are so scared.
Maggie: Of course, I am. I thought you of all people could understand that. I can't expect you to do this

Maggie: Dare me to do anything and make it really hard because you outdid yourself.
Gary: I dare you to get chemo.
Maggie: What are you doing, Gary.
Gary: You said make it really hard.
Maggie: No, no don't. That's not fair.
Gary: None of this is fair, you said make it really hard.
Maggie: Game's over. I'm done playing.

It's perfect. That is exactly what I want the time I have left to feel like. I was here, dammit, until I wasn't.


The best way to take care of Theo is to show him how to live a full life. You can't worry so much about tomorrow that you forget to live today. Be here.

Katherine's Friend

Eddie: This is amazing, and I just want what's best for you.
Delilah: Pretending you're not the father, I know it has to be unbearable.
Eddie: It's got to be the hardest thing I did in my life. Sometimes you can't do the fun thing -- the thing that makes you happy. You have to do the right thing. I'm going to say this, and I'm never going to say it again. Whatever we did, whatever happened, we also created a life.

Regina: It's not that you were talking to her. It's that you weren't talking to me.
Rome: I know, but Gina if I had told it to you, it would have made it so real.

How can something so small cause so much pain?!


Rome: I promise you, I didn't need that charcoal, I just did that for Gina.
Gary: I know.
Rome: I don't want to die.

I'm telling you, it's a kidney stone, or your pregnant and the baby is breech.