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Maggie and Gary start a game of dares. 

Regina has to back out of going with Delilah to her sonogram because Rome isn't feeling well. Rome calls Maggie to ask if his medicine may be contributing to his stomach pain, but she said it isn't. He collapses in the bathroom and is in excruciating pain.  Maggie tells Regina to take him to the hospital. 

Gary agrees to help Danny with an outing. 

Someone is interested in Katherine at work. 

Regina tells the doctor that Rome is suicidal. She's placed in charge of his health care and the doctor wants to give him charcoal to make sure he didn't take any drugs or try to kill himself. Regina gives them the OK because she's not sure. 

Rome is a bit upset but also understands the decision. Gary suspects Rome has a kidney stone which turns out to be the case. He eventually passes it. 

Maggie and Gary continue the dares that include singing at a restaurant. Gary gets a bit emotional after singing about still standing given Maggie's decision. 

Eddie ends up taking Delilah to get her sonogram. They enjoy seeing the baby, but then it hits him that they still have to hide the paternity, so he leaves the room. He tells her that it's hard for him and that he doesn't regret the baby. 

Eddie goes to meet up with the artist who the manager wants him to write for, and he encourages him to stop drinking because he knows how that can end up. 

Regina is still trying to deal with the fact that Rome didn't tell her the truth but told everyone else. He tries to make her feel better. He asks her out for a date, and they go out. 

Gary puts up a billboard for Maggie and it makes her happy, but he then dares her to do chemo because he sees how easily she's bruising and how she's deteriorating. it upsets her, and she regrets asking him to deal with her choice. 

Gary lets Danny hang out with his new friend he's interested in. Danny considers telling Delilah, but he doesn't in the end. 

Gary sees Katherine out at dinner with Hunter. He tells her that he hopes she's happy because she deserves it. 

Maggie thinks about all the people she's met and changes over the past month or so. She checks out her bruises and breaks down. 



A Million Little Things
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