Lana: It's from a song?
Archer: Yes it's from a song! Recorded by Grammy winner and possible Faustian bargain maker Kenny goddamn Loggins!

You're important to me, so I made Woodhouse get it from Mother's storage unit...because I own him!

Malory: So this whole thing was just a sham?
Krieger: Well, if by sham you mean...sham...

Kenny Loggins: You think K-Log needs to pay for sex, do ya?
Archer: No...but that being said, I do think he needs to re-evaluate this whole "K-Log" thing.

I don't wanna read about Kenny Loggins. I wanna read about K-LOG!

Kenny Loggins

WIC! It's like welfare but for babies. I don't know, I'm not a Democrat but I think they give you a birth cheese.


Cyril: If you finish that sentence, I'm going to rub cocaine in your eyes till you are blind.
Ray: Goddamn, Shawshank!

I don't know about you, but I"m gonna be pretty upset if I end up having to murder Kenny Loggins.

Jim Messina is a genius and without him? No Poco.

Archer: There's no way a superstar like Kenny Loggins is going to be registered under his own name.
Pam: Yeah ha's not like he's Messina.

Cyril: So...why are we in our underwear?
Krieger: Meh...don't worry about it.

Archer: Pam...Pam...
Pam: Whaaat?!
Archer: Danger zone!! No no no, wait...This is it!

Archer Season 5 Episode 6 Quotes

Malory: Are you bothering them?
Lana: I am. And also, Happy Opposite Day

Man, I am blowing this jug!