Delphine: What's happening?
Cooke: This is payment due for my misdeeds.

Goames: You are both full of lies.
Cooke: Yes, as are we all. It is a truth that we pay dearly for, Mr. Goames.

Goames [to Cooke]: I shall be direct: The pistols in exchange for your life.

But the world is much smaller than you think, Delphine. They send pieces of it to me in barrels and I send pieces of this place back.

Cooke [to Delphine]

Trepagny: I will not banish [Mari].
Melissande: Her presence is a challenge to me.

Goames: Enough. We're done killing innocent people.
Gay Bill: Done? A Company man's work is never done, Hamish.

French soldier: We are all animals. Animals without mercy.
Goames: We are all animals. Now there's a final truth.

Beans. I see the company's provisions are still shit all.


Trepagny: What are you doing here?
Mari: It is my home.

Trepagny: What is this?
Sel: Supper.
Trepagny: Don't take me for a fool. I can see it is supper. May I remind you that the greatest betrayal in history happened at supper?

Sabrine: I do not believe God means to punish you, Mr. Cooke.
Cooke: Well, that's a relief. Do you have any other messages from above?

Sel: I see now who you are.
Duquet: I am now as I have always been. As are you, I suppose.

Barkskins Quotes

It doesn't matter what happened before. Here we can begin again.

Sel [to Duquet]

Duquet: I want to go back to France.
Sel: There's no going back. We must ready for our new lives.