Ben just annoys me because everything works out so good for him.


If you love her you just have to go for it and you'll figure it out along the way.


I will do whatever needs to be done in a cup to make Ben feel about about his fertility chances.


What if an iconic twist, Ashley I gets married in Vegas?

Ashley I

Ben: I should have actually approached the whole group on night one and said 'hey, if you want to leave at this point, I have an enormously large testicle, does that freak you out? If so, say your goodbyes.'
Lauren: I'm sure it would have speed the process along a little bit.

I'm the guy, that when a plane lands, I clap.

Why isn't it green?


For Lauren it's Benver, but for us it's Menver.


We've been called homewreckers before, so it's not even like a big deal.


It's time for the Higgi.

They look like Tara Reid, but completely sober.

Did you have to tell your mom that your nut was the size of a grapefruit?