Kim: I keep thinking, was there another way?
Jimmy: Another way? Chuck? Is that what you're talking about? Kim, he had us in a a corner, OK? We did what we had to do.
Kim: But Rebecca?
Jimmy: Everything that happened was his own fault. Everything. You put him in the rear view mirror. He is not worth thinking about. Done.

As far as I'm concerned, all we did was tear down a sick man.


Mike: Is this your idea of stealth?
Daniel: I never claimed to be good at this-any of it.
Mike: On that we can agree.

Jimmy: You see that? Fender Stratocaster signed by Ritchie Blackmore. You know who that is, right?
Camera Guy: Someone nobody's ever heard of?
Jimmy: That's real good. I hope your parents enjoy supporting you for the rest of their lives. C'mon, Ritchie Blackmore, Deep Purple.
Sound Guy: Oh, Another Brick in the Wall.
Jimmy: I weep for the future.

Kim: Wow, Mr. Moneybags, huh? So, this commercial thing is turning a profit?
Jimmy: It's TV, how could there not be a profit?
Kim: You didn't drain your bank account, did you?

Daniel: I mean, what's the point?
Nacho: I need them.
Daniel: OK. And if I don't get them, then what? Are you going to threaten me? Break my legs?
Nacho: You get me those pills, and I'm going to pay you 20 thousand dollars. Get them.

Hector: I want a new front -- my own.
Nacho: Don Hector, my father is a simple man. He is NOT in the business.
Hector: You will teach him.
Nacho: Don Hector, please.
Hector: Don't worry. I'll take good care of papi. He'll make money: a lot more than with his sewing machine.

Kim: Saul Goodman?
Jimmy: Yeah, like, it's all good, man.
Kim: That guy has a lot of energy.
Jimmy: It's just a name.
Kim: Uh huh.

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Kim: So now the question you must ask yourselves is this: is the legal community better with Jimmy McGill in it? I believe the answer is a resounding yes.

Rebecca: I want you to come with me to get him to let us in. Jimmy, he needs our help.
Jimmy: No thanks. I've already kicked my door in for the year.
Rebecca: You owe it to him.
Jimmy: I don't owe him squat.
Rebecca: Jimmy, you lied to me. This was never about helping Chuck.
Jimmy: If you feel misled I apologize, but I think I was clear. I told you I had to defend myself, and Chuck would need help afterwards, which he does.
Rebecca: You got what you wanted. Now it's time to do what's right.
Rebecca: Jimmy, he's still your brother.
Jimmy: Not anymore, he's not.
Rebecca: Chuck was right about you all along. He's mentally ill, what's your excuse? Enjoy your champagne.

Who works for who, huh?

Hector [to Nacho]

Chuck, you're at a crossroads. You can keep looking backwards, stay focused on your brother, what he's up to, or you can go forward. And Chuck. listen to me. Jimmy's just not worth it.


Better Call Saul Quotes

You know, Jimmy, sometimes in our line of work, you can get so caught up in the idea of winning that you forget to listen to your heart.


Lawyers, we're like health insurance. You hope you never need it, but man oh man, when you do...