Erin: The truth as a hustle.
Danny: Everything is a hustle; the key is to not be the sucker born every minute.

The sage of Bay Ridge has spoken.


You say whistleblower, I say rat.


Egan: I've got two words for you - child pornography.
Erin: What's that supposed to mean?
Egan: Two words that together run neck and neck with child molester as the charges that bring everybody, and I do mean everybody, together.

Frank: This isn't about smart. Smart's highly overrated sometimes.
Danny: I've been saying that since 4th grade.

Misunderstood teenage boys. Once you've been one you can't help but feel for them all.


Frank: Why are you lurking by the elevator?
Garrett: I'm not lurking.
Frank: You lurking always means bad news or a plea to keep my mouth shut.

Holding the door is a courtesy, letting you in here to use my phone, that's a courtesy, but launching another investigation into my department, not so much.


Jamie: I hate jumpers.
Eddie: At least if he jumps it's in the East River.
Jamie: No splat.
Eddie: Yeah.

Most crimes occur in minority neighborhoods. It follows that the highest use of firearms also occurs in minority neighborhoods.


Robert: Have it your way.
Frank: Well, we're really not in any danger of that, are we?

Not that you, the other you. The down in the gutter, any weapon handy, you.