If you believe in something you keep fighting for it. No matter what.


Mayor: I can't speak for you.
Frank: Recent history suggests otherwise.

I don't know any saviors that carry glocks and shoot kids in cold blood.


Danny: Who's this?
Lupino: This is your worst nightmare.

Salazar: You're playing a very dangerous game, Detective.
Danny: I'm not playing.

Danny: Hey, I thought you went home.
Jackie: I thought you went home.

Because once he finds out you can't help him anymore, he's going to trade you in like a used car.


Jackie: Oh, the sister I don't hear anything nice about.
Danny: And you never will hear anything good about her but unfortunately her daughter's in a coma because someone tried to kill her.

Danny: What about Miley? Is there anyone that would want to hurt her?
Elana: Everybody.

This is exactly what I don't want to see when I open the paper. Some pedestrian's photo of one of my officers in his RNP texting.


All she sees is that I still wear the scarlet letter of New York City. The dreaded 718 Staten Island area code.


Some eight hour days feel like a week.