Danny: Sounds like some guys over there beating on her.
Linda: Or she just turned up the volume on Maury Povich.

I guess it's just you and me and the duck.


Even when you do what seems like the right thing it can still turn out wrong.


He did break the number one rule of kidnapping. Don't take your victim out for pancakes.


Grady: I thought you actually gave a damn.
Jamie: I do, otherwise you'd be dead.

The gun's not yours so why don't you just put it down.


Even priests do penance, Jerry


Erin: What's the rest of your day like?
Nicky: Boring class, boring class, boring class. Fun lunch. Boring class.

Erin: Five minutes ago you were that age.
Nicky: Feels like a hundred years ago.

It's funny how your mind can play tricks on you when your life is on the line.


As a cop and as a man I sleep just fine on that score.


After being in the streets every day. It's not always black and white.


Blue Bloods Season 4 Quotes

We decline to charge suspects every day. Many of them are guilty but you still need evidence.


Jamie: I thought I was just another cop.
Frank: You are. You're also a lawyer and you'll understand the why of this more than most.