Keep 'em coming pal, you're doing great.

Guilty pleasure or just guilty?

Pictures can be deceiving.

Kay Cappuccio

Don't listen to those haters.


Don't miss me too much. The dog. Not you.

Do you have a case of puppy love, Esposito?

I don't really watch reality television.


Hey, that's not Jason Bateman.


Castle: We could keep him here at the precinct. We could use a mascot.
Espo: I thought that's what we had you for.

Dog Whisperer? Check. People Whisperer? Not so much.

Castle: Your friends name is Buttons Dutton.
Martha: That is unfortunate.

Honey, don't be such a kill joy.


Castle Season 4 Quotes

Kate, what do you really scared of? That he won't wait for you or that he will?


Do you have a case of puppy love, Esposito?