Brett: What happened to the mustache? I loved the mustache.
Dawson: Oops.

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Herrmann, you're the heart and soul of this house. Men here look up to you as much as any chief in the CFD. Don't ever forget that.


Jimmy: What am I supposed to do, psychically predict when we're going to be on lock down?
Dawson: I swear, if we run out of food I am eating you first.

Otis: Let's do this. Good-bye friend zone. Hello, end zone!
Dawson: That doesn't make any sense.
Otis: It's like a sports metaphor...for sex.
Dawson: That's why you're not getting any.

Otis: Hey, you okay?
Brett: Yeah I'm fine. I'm from Indiana so I've been through my share of tornadoes.

Herrmann: So hey, when's the big day buddy?
Mouch: We haven't exactly set a date yet, we don't want to rush into anything.
Herrmann: Yeah of course man, you're young, you've got your whole life ahead of you. Why rush?
Mouch: I see your sense of humor is still intact. That's too bad.

You know what? Just tell him he better hope the cops find him before I do.


He's the beating heart of 51.


Freddie: What happened to Herrmann bro, I didn't mean to man, it just happened.
Cruz: You let it happen Freddie. Don't ever forget that. You let it happen.

Freddie: You want me dead for what I did.
Cruz: Freddie, I am mad as hell, yeah, but I do not want you dead.

Hey, you get healed up, okay? I can't do my work right without my mentor around to bully me.


Platt: It's me that should apologize. I mean yeah, that proposal was really messy and half-assed, but then again so are you. But, you are also the kindest and most honest man I have ever met, and I would be the luckiest girl on Earth to call you mine. Randall McHolland, will you marry me?
Mouch: Trudy Platt, marrying you would be my greatest honor.

Chicago Fire Quotes

I was there. You were unstoppable. You didn't quit until that kid was breathing. Anything that happened after that has nothing to do with our rescue.


Casey: We heard about your statement. It took balls.
Molina: Yeah, well we reap what we sow, right?
Casey: So they say.