Will: Natalie, wait! I wanted this to be so special, a view of the city, champagne... Not like this, not in a parking lot, but I'm not going to let you go. Not without asking.
Nat: Will...
Will: Just wait [opens ring box] Will you marry me? [gets down on one knee] Will you marry me?

Ava: So tell me, did you orchestrate this whole thing? Reluctant hero comes in and saves the day?
Connor: You give me too much credit.
Ava: Do I? Your ambition strikes me as boundless.

Ethan: Then what is it? You're the one who always told me how important family is.
April: Yes, and I treated Emily like family. I stood up for her, I told you to give her another chance, and how did she thank you? Thank me? She stole drugs, she lied to us. Ethan, she's damaged. You can't fix her.
Ethan: I gotta try.

Board Member: Sharon, this is Gwen Garrett, our new COO.
Sharon: New? We never had an old COO.
Peter: Well, it's a recently created position.
Board Member: Help run the hospital a little more efficiently.
Sharon: Efficiently or economically?

You know, I don't need or want an apology from you, Burt. But I'm not going to sit here and lie to you either. It was hard, the way you left me. Our life. But what's done is done and I'm a big girl, I'm working it out. But we can be proud of this -- we have raised three wonderful children. Don't do this to them, Burt. Don't you dare do this to them.


Daniel: What are you doing, Bob? Your antisocial personality disorder isn't going to be affected a transplant. The issue is your brain, not your heart. Linda, could you escort Dr. Haywood back to his room? He's had a nice long walk.
Robert: Well, Sarah seems open to the possibility. Or do you think she's just another young, gullible woman, Daniel?

Ethan: So you want me to send her away?
April: She needs professional help.
Ethan: Let her be someone else's problem? That's how I've always dealt with Emily. I can't do that anymore.

Daniel: So Burt isn't talking to Dr. Chapman, he isn't talking to Dr. Reese, he's not even talking to me. You two were married for thirty years, thirty years. I'm sorry, I'm just asking, could you please, could you, could you talk to him? Just try and open him up?
Sharon: So, you think because of all those good years that I owe him something now?
Daniel: I'm just saying that coming from you, it might make a difference, that's all.
Sharon: Well, let me ask you this, Daniel, what did Burt owe me when he walked out?

Ava: He pulled himself off.
Nat: Why? Because we lost a patient?
Connor: I lost her and her baby because of my poor judgement. I made the wrong call on her treatment.
Nat: But the Cronins are counting on you.
Ava: They're counting on the team.

When it comes to my sister, I'm so used to assuming the worst. I never should have accused her of stealing those drugs.


Emily: She put you up to this, didn't she? Your uptight narc of a girlfriend? You know, all the two of you have done since I moved in is hover around, waiting for me to make a mistake.
Ethan: That's not true.
Emily: Yeah, all my life it's been like this. You know, I've had it.

Connor: Keep your chin up, you'll figure it out.
Ava: You know, you don't have to do that.
Connor: What?
Ava: Act like you don't enjoy seeing me on the hot seat. Go ahead and buy it. If I were in your position, I would.

Chicago Med Quotes

What's the difference between God and a doctor? God knows he's not a doctor.

Dr. Zurney

Dr. Connor Rhodes: Is every day like this?
Sharon Goodwin: Some days, we're busy.