Maggie: Is she all right?
Charles: Apparently the guy she's sweet on is sweet on somebody else.
Maggie: Ouch.
Charles: Yeah, but all the texting...doesn't it just amplify it?
Maggie: 13-year-old girls. Their hearts are just wired differently.

Moody: He was going through a lot back then, but that doesn't mean he was killing people.
Nat: What do you mean?
Moody: I shouldn't have said anything. It's not my story to tell.
Nat: Please. I just want to help.
Moody: Seven years ago, Crockett's baby... Harper... died of leukemia not long after her first birthday.

Kid: Surgery tonight?
Charles: Yes, and then when you're recovering I think it would be a really good idea if -
Kid: How long will I be in the hospital?
Charles: I'd say at least two or three days.
Kid: That won't work. I only have a couple of weeks until I defend my dissertation and if I fail, the last five years of my life will have been a complete waste.

Detective: The timing may not be good, Ms. Goodwin, but this is a police matter.
Goodwin: I am not interrupting Dr. Marcel while he is in surgery.
Detective: Judge just gave me a warrant for his arrest.
Goodwin: I am not interrupting a surgery on an 11-year-old child for any reason. You can take up your concerns with Dr. Marcel when the operation is over.

Nat: Hey, Crockett, what was all that with the detectives?
Marcel: They're investigating a murder from seven years back.
Nat: Well, what did they want with you?
Marcel: My impression is they think I'm a suspect.
Nat: Why would they think that?
Marcel: Because they appear to have got my DNA at the scene;

Maggie: Look who it is. Anna Charles!
Anna: Hi, Maggie.
Maggie: Your dad drag you into work today?
Anna: No, I wanted to come. I like spending time with my dad.

Marcel: Dr. Moody and I go way back. He used to ride motorcycles in med school.
Billy: Dr. Moody rode motorcycles?
Marcel: Yeah, but he had to give it up when he became a pediatrician. Stethoscope kept flying off his neck on the way to work.

Depressed? I hate that word. It's just an excuse for being weak.


Currie: Dr. Halstead, this is crazy. Odds are that woman is gonna die.
Will: That's a risk she's willing to take.
Currie: Are you doing this because of your feelings for Dr. Asher?

April: Dr. Marcel, I think you should find a new hybrid OR nurse.
Marcel: Why? What are you talking about?
April: I slowed you down today.
Marcel: Hey, it was a tough case with new equipment.
April: No. It was because of the whole thing with Ethan.

Currie: You have placenta previa.
Woman: Is that bad?
Will: If we don't stop it.
Woman: You have to stop it! I have brain cancer. Which means, this is my last chance to have a family.

Natalie: Good morning, Crockett. How is your day?
Marcel: Great.
Natalie: You say that every morning.
Marcel: Every morning is great.

Chicago Med Quotes

Griffin: I want to be a doctor.
Charles: Really? Why's that?
Griffin: The knives.

Sarah: People here would, uh, always look at me and think, 'Oh, there's that doctor, the one whose father murdered those girls.' I could live with that. It's you.
Daniel: It's me?