Cuevas: You can tell her until you're blue in the face that the system will protect her just like anyone else, but Gloria's probably seen enough evidence that that's not true that she doesn't trust it.
Asher: I'm not asking her to do this just for other people. I'm doing it for Gloria, so that she won't have to carry the burden of this trauma. I'm not insensitive, but I've seen this before. My college roommate Annie was raped at a party and she didn't report it. I think she told herself that it didn't matter, and she convinced herself it didn't, that SHE didn't matter. She carried the burden for as long as she could and then she took her own life.

It wasn't just one doctor who failed him. There were a lot of bad actors. The system failed him. Buddy is going to die of one of the most survivable types of cancer with early intervention because the people who need us most don't come through our doors until it's too late. How did this happen? When did we decide that this is okay, that this is just the way it is?


I love this car. This is why I gave you the time of day in high school.


Lydia's mom: If her liver is the problem, why is her brain affected?
Liu: When the liver can't function properly it stops filtering toxins from the bloodstream and these toxins make it to the brain.

Marcel: Uh oh.
Peter: Why does my mere presence engender this response in your doctors?
Sharon: Take a wild guess.

Will: So what are you thin king?
Liu: Empathic encephalopathy. What? You didn't expect an intern to know the answer?

I'm a bad father. I let Sean be out of my life for 15 years, get addicted to drugs, end up in jail... and now I saved the life of the man who tried to kill him and might try again, probably will try again.


Giving up a perfectly healthy kidney. In 20 years practice, I've never seen anything like it.


Fred, I don't know if you're aware, but the hospital is kind of falling apart lately. And it's not a good look when the guy who's supposed to be holding the glue is off working on his handicap on a weekday.


Asher: I think she's ODing.
Will: How is that possible?
Asher: I don't know, but we need Narcan now.

Archer: This is my son. I can't -
Choi: Which is why you shouldn't be doing this surgery. You know I'm right.

What's going on with your wardrobe? You're dressed like one of my engineers.

Jack [to Marcel]

Chicago Med Quotes

Dean: This guy is a box of loose screws.
Charles: No, actually, he's a patient.

Will: I said no.
Voight: That's the wrong answer.