That family came to us for medical help and the best we can do is give them a list of lawyers? There are millions of people out there like Manny. What happens if they get sick? This is telling them 'Be afraid to go to a doctor.'


Will: What if I'd been wrong?
Elsa: Are you supposed to say stuff like that to a third-year medical student?

Terry: I'm gonna have a lot of cases that break the wrong way, aren't I?
Daniel: Mm-hmm. But you know what? You're also gonna have a whole lot that won't.

Gwen: I was informed that there was an active Immigration and Customs Enforcement warrant on file for Mr. Calderon. So when the authorities asked permission to come on the property, I gave it.
Sharon: Did you even read this? They took Manny for a misdemeanor theft charge from 2010. Stolen items valued at $8.62. You gave permission for this?

Jay: Sometimes you gotta do things you don't wanna do. That's life.
Will: No. Screw the task force, screw Voight, and screw you.

I need my refill. What is the big deal? I'm a lawyer with great insurance, not some junkie off the street. Or worse, some hombre that probably can't even speak the language.


Will: I said no.
Voight: That's the wrong answer.

April: It's just a number, right? Does it really matter?
Ethan: No. Not if Emily acted like an adult instead of a twelve-year-old.
April: You mean like how you're acting right now?

Sharon: I really appreciate you putting on the charm.
Connor: Ms. Goodwin, you built me Xanadu. I would sing and dance for you if you wanted me to.
Sharon: I'm gonna hold you to that.

Emily: You're not coming?
April: Greetings are done, nobody ran. You don't need me anymore.

Connor: Look...I am sorry I threw you out of my OR. It was a mistake. It was inexcusable. So how about a peace offering? I'll buy you a drink.
Ava: I don't care about you throwing me out. What I can't stand is you acting so stupidly. Willing to destroy your program in service of arrogance and your ego. So go enjoy your victory, but I don't want any part of it.

April: It's just unfortunate that you can't give anyone a break.
Ethan: Me? You know, I can't win with you. You disapproved when I was tough on Emily, then you walked out when I took her in, and now you're mad at me for telling her how to use a microwave so she doesn't burn my apartment down. I'm not the problem here, April, you are.

Chicago Med Quotes

What's the difference between God and a doctor? God knows he's not a doctor.

Dr. Zurney

Dr. Connor Rhodes: Is every day like this?
Sharon Goodwin: Some days, we're busy.