Sharon: When I first saw you'd been shot, I assumed a hate crime. I have since learned it was not.
Ethan: No.
Sharon: But that's where my mind immediately went. This has been a difficult year, so full of hate, and to be honest, I'm a little shellshocked.
Ethan: I know.
Sharon: I know you do. I'll let you rest now, Ethan. You need to heal.
Ethan: We all do.

Nat: Goodwin fired you?
Will: Just let it go, Nat.
Nat: Because of my mom's pills? Will, did you tell her you took them? Answer me.
Will: I had to?
Nat: Why?
Will: Because of everything. Everything we've been through. Everything we've been to each other. What else could I do?
Nat: Tell the truth!
Will: I think a change will do me good.
Nat: I can't let you do this. Will, please.
Will: I'm okay, really.
Nat: I can't let you do this.
Will: It's done, Nat. It's done.

Neal: No matter where you take me, it won't change anything. All of this is fake. It's interactions with a computer simulation. Are you listening to me?
Maggie: How did we get to this point? So many lost souls.

Goodwin: Do you have anything to say for yourself?
Will: I was trying to help a patient in desperate need.
Goodwin: At the expense of all the other patients this trial could have helped? You asked me last summer why I didn't name you Chief of the ED. This type of reckless behavior is exactly why, and now I have no choice but to address it. You're fired, Dr. Halstead.

Damn it. Dean's brilliant idea is going to kill Ethan.


Natalie: I wasn't fair to you. I wasn't fair and I wasn't honest.
Marcel: I understand why you shut me out. I just wish you could have felt you trusted me.
Natalie: How is that for irony? I'm always talking to you about commitment, that you needed to trust.
Marcel: Look, Natalie, I want you to know, regardless of everything, I will always be grateful to you.
Natalie: Why?
Marcel: My life was pretty empty til I met you. Closed off. Lots of fears. You showed me what I could be. How to take the chance.

Charles: How are you feeling?
Lankoff: Terrible.
Charles: Well, you did drink almost 800 milliliters of 90 proof whiskey.

Charles: Oh my God, what happened?
Sharon: He was shot... by this guy.
[Charles sees Neal]
Charles: You know this guy was in the ED a few weeks ago, right? Completely delusional, thinks he's living in a computer simulation. I consulted on the case.

Lankoff: It's a heital hernia. It acts up sometimes.
Charles: Oh. I thought maybe it had something to do with what Mr. Ornoff said.
Lankoff: Sometimes stress sets it off.

I hope I'm wrong about this, but I have this feeling you hired your old CO so you can knock him down a peg or two.


Lankoff: Back in Leningrad, he was committed to a special psychiatric hospital.
Charles: Special? What does that mean? For bigwigs or what?
Lankoff: I wish. It seems he was diagnosed with sluggish schizophrenia.

Marcel: Hey Nat. We have found a donor heart for your mom.
Nat: Really?
Marcel: But it's not perfect. Come.

Chicago Med Season 6 Quotes

Maggie: Hey. I just got a text that Hannah was brought in. But it can't be COVID cause she's here, right?
Will: I found her unconscious with a needle in her arm. She OD'd.

Choi: Hey. This is the third week that April has been working on the COVID ward.
Lanic: She volunteered and we're short-staffed.
Choi: The protocol is one week on, one week off. April is putting her life at risk.