Tandy: I don’t know, Ty. I think we lost.
Tyrone: I think you’re right.
Tandy: I guess what happens now?
Evita: What happens is that you two are going to come at the problem and fix it… somehow.
[Evita drops the bolt-cutters]
Evita: But in the process, one of you is going to die.
Tandy: Uh, I’m sorry, can you repeat that last part again?
Evita: Every time the city’s been struck with a catastrophe, it’s always come down to two people. My auntie calls them, “The Divine Pairing.” It’s always two since the stories began.

Tandy: I gotta go.
Melissa: Where are you going?
Tandy: I need to go help some people.
Melissa: Why you?
[Tandy hugs and kisses Melissa’s cheek]
Tandy: Why not?

Tandy: You are Tyrone FREAKIN' Johnson! Baller lady killer, master of space… if not time… you don’t need a cloak for all that.
Tyrone: Look, what if I do?
[Tandy reveals Billy’s sweater]
Tandy: Well, then you can use this.
[He gets up]
Tyrone: Is that?
Tandy: It is.
Tyrone: How did you…
Tandy: I stole it from little you. It’s the first thing I ever stole.
Tyrone: Why didn’t you say anything about this before?
Tandy: I needed it. I really needed it.
Tyrone: And now?
Tandy: And now you need it, even though you don’t need it. But I need you.

Chantelle: You found her? Tyrone’s divine pairing…
Evita: I found her, but she ain’t particularly “divine.”

Mina: What the hell happened to him?!
Tandy: He turned into a Terror.
Mina: A what?!
Tandy: Mina, listen, eight years ago on the rig that stole our dads, the entire crew went crazy just like this guy did.
Mina: No, that’s not true. The reports from the rig…
Tandy: Scarborough lied into getting you back in there to extract whatever had that power. That power made people crazy, it turned their adrenaline up to a 22. Your dad called them “Terrors.”
Mina: Yeah, well, he always did have a knack for accurate nomenclature.

Tyrone: Have you even talked to your mom about this?
Tandy: No, but you know what, we’re both on the same page. “If you don’t hurt, you get hurt.”
Tyrone: That’s not how I see it.
Tandy: You will if you ever grow up. And learn that there is nothing you can ever do to bring your big bro back.
Tyrone: Well, excuse me if I don’t take wellness advice from the Brown family.
[Tandy places the white dagger to his throat]
Tandy: Screw you, Tyrone!
Tyrone: I’ll see you in your dreams.

Now you know how it feels.


Liam: What is up with you?
Tandy: What do you mean?
Liam: Saying nice things. You’re talking about marriage.
Tandy: Yeah, so?
Liam: When is that you? It’s so normal?
Tandy: You know the dreams I dread before I go to sleep. The good ones... the happy ones... the hopeful ones. Because then you wake up and you’re back to your own life. I realize something when I was without you: It’s my own fault. I’m the reason I dread those dreams because I’m not doing anything to make my life any better.
[She reaches over and grab his hands]
Tandy: It’s gonna stop. I wanna build a life. A happy one. Finally.

Adina: If you were telling the truth then that meant a cop murdered a teenage boy and covered up the crime. And the only way to do that means that he had help doing it. A lot of help. And that cop gets nervous and he decides he needs to tie up loose ends. What happens to that little boy who’s the only living witness to what he did?
Tyrone: I wasn’t afraid of him.
Adina: Well, that’s a luxury you had. Your father and I couldn’t afford that luxury. We had to be afraid because you alive or you dead meant nothing to them. It still doesn’t. And what you did...
Tyrone: I had back-up! We got him on tape.
Adina: You had a white cop on tape confessing to killing a black kid. Have you been paying attention, Tyrone?! Because in the world that we live in that means absolutely nothing!
Tyrone: So I should just, what, throw my hands up and give up, is that what you’re saying?!
Adina: You put yourself in their crosshairs again.
Tyrone: Someone has to, otherwise nothing will change.
Adina: I’ve already lost one son, Tyrone!
Tyrone: And if I don’t stand up it will be for nothing!

Tyrone: I got a confession out of him. It was like music. It was real, and awful, and sweet.
Tandy: I didn’t get a confession, but I did scare the s*** out of him. Blowing the whistle on these a******* and putting Roxxon out of business. The past eight years have sucked, but maybe we do have a future?
Tyrone: Maybe we do.

Tyrone: Why are you here?
Tandy: What? No hug? Not even a handshake?!
Tyrone: Come on.
Adina: Tyrone, who’s this?
Tyrone: Oh, this is, um... this is my friend...
Tandy: Tandy. Hi!
Adina: Well, why did you stop by today, Tandy?
Tandy: Um, today, I guess. Yeah, my dad died the same night as Tyrone’s brother, so I thought I’d stop by to check on Ty.
Otis: That’s very nice of you. Thank you, Tandy.
Tandy: Are you guys doing anything special for Billy today?
Tyrone: No. We’re not.

Melissa: I know you haven’t been showing up to the memorial tradition these last few years...
Tandy: Mom, I want to be there.
Melissa: Really?
Tandy: Yeah, really.
Melissa: Then we’ll need the perfect balloon. What should we get?
Tandy: Anything, just not like that one time you had the bar mitzvah balloon.
Melissa: That was pretty hilarious.
Tandy: Up into the sky to honor Dad’s memory.
Melissa: Mazel tov!
Tandy: You know what, I’ll get the balloon.

Cloak and Dagger Season 1 Quotes

Tandy: Are you trying to kill me?
Tyrone: No! Why would you ask that?!
Tandy: Because you have a gun in your hand.
[Awkward silence]
Tandy: Wait, you’re that kid...from the party. The graveyard. The beach. You shot at me!
Tyrone: That wasn’t meant for you.
Tandy: Then who was it meant for?!

Brigid: I’m not here to arrest your daughter, Ms. Bowen. I’m here because I think she’s a victim.
Melissa: With what?
Brigid: The best I can tell is that she’s been mixed up in an assault. I want to protect her; I can promise you that. But, in order for me to do that, I need to talk to her.
Melissa: Here’s the thing about Tandy. If there’s any heat on her, she’s probably already run away.