We just created 50 potential meth heads, and the least we can do is hit the reset button and get that number down to the national average.


Getting rid of drugs was a good I-Bee-A.


He's about to get flushed down the toilet in the next scene and he'll be done.


Well that answers my question. Jeff Winger is sexy even in a coffin.

Dean Pelton

Chang: Are you ignoring me because I'm Korean?
Shirley: You're Chinese.
Chang: Oh there's a difference?

He sent her an emotipenis.


What does this symbol mean? It's the number 8, and equals sign and then a greater than symbol.


Pierce: What is a period fairy?
Annie: The fairy that gives you a dollar every time you get your period
Pierce: Does she still come?

I'm only taking this because I'm a little worried about making rent and they told me the procedure for selling eggs takes three weeks.


Abed: What are you doing?
Jeff: Dragging Britta kicking and screaming into 1997.

What are you doing in an apartment above Dildopolis? And when did they open a second location?


Abed: Do you think bees eat their own honey?
Troy: I'm sure they've at least tasted it.

Community Season 2 Episode 13 Quotes

Are you sure my costume isn't on backwards? Somehow I felt more confident before.


Is Pierce marijuana, and does marijuana help people move faster? I thought it just made them custom paint vans and solve mysteries.