Annie: I could never take the credit.
Arthur: You'll have to. I was never here.

Arthur: Where you wanna go?
Joan: I don't wanna go anywhere. I just wanna be home, with you.

Arthur: Turn and face the strange.
Annie: Brecht?
Arthur: Bowie.

This may be your most sensitive operation yet.


Annie: Any word on Gorka yet?
Auggie: Disappeared again. I think he might be part vapor.

Auggie: You have some place to stay?
Annie: You mean besides Joan's dog house?

Annie: How do you always know it's me?
Auggie: Some people call it a sixth sense. I like to call it a fifth, but that's just me.

Annie I still need you to move out.


Annie: I'm in the CIA. Nothing is different.
Danielle: Everything is different.

I can't believe you're pulling a Lando Calrissian on me.


Those stitches should dissolve in about a month. By then I should be just about healed too.


Dan: Hey Auggie, long time no see.
Auggie: For me as well, Dan.

Covert Affairs Season 2 Quotes

Annie: Increased heartrate. A spike in blood pressure. I think the polygraph is getting to you.
Ben: I think it's the polygrapher.

Annie: You have some mouth on you.
Nadia: You speak Estonian?
Annie: Just the swear words.