Indiscretion is the chicken shit way of saying you boinked your fat assistant.


At the CIA you get a very small window to prove yourself, and I fear yours is closing.

Henry (to Jai)

Annie Walker, welcome to her majesty's secret service.


Auggie: That's the last time I give you advice.
Jai: That's the last time I'll need it.

Jai, I don't know why the blonde at ten o'clock isn't into Indian guys.


Annie I have three sisters. You don't own a monopoly on sibling drama.


Jai is that you? No fragrance today?


Auggie: It's in your file. I know, it's creepy.
Annie: You know what's creepy? I'm getting used to the creepiness.

I tell you Auggie, this job is not good for sisterly bonding.


If this is an elaborate scheme to get you out of running I'm actually pretty impressed.


What do you call a CIA analyst convicted on twelve counts of treason? A patriot?


Annie: What is it with you and cell phones?
Eyal: What is it with you and always checking in?

Covert Affairs Season 2 Quotes

Annie: Increased heartrate. A spike in blood pressure. I think the polygraph is getting to you.
Ben: I think it's the polygrapher.

Annie: You have some mouth on you.
Nadia: You speak Estonian?
Annie: Just the swear words.