Max: What have you got for me, Beau? Make me happy.
Beau: Oh, umm. Your hair looks nice?

Your mother raised a good man. Just try to remember that the next few days.

Catherine [to Folsom]

Max: We're going to find the people who did this.
Folsom: We'll see.

Penny: Were you expecting someone with multiple drug arrests?
Max: We're not paid to expect. But yeah.

Something tells me we've got to hurry on this one, guys.


I hate every part of this.


Maxine: Are we sure this is Josh's mom?
Allie: I've never met her. But I've seen that picture that he keeps in his wallet.

Allie: You're exhausted. You should try and sleep. Do you want a lift home?
Josh: No, I'm not going home.

If it were me and someone hurt my mom, none of you would ever find their body. Ever.


Tawny: Working on my tan, huh? Go to hell, Ned.
Ned: I'm sure I'll see you there.

Art: Those are some rough guys, Folsom. Watch your back.
Folsom: You know me, Art.
Art: I do. That's why I said that.

Dr. Roby, you would tell me if it were unwise to put $20 on Mr. Folsom for shift supervisor, wouldn't you?

Milton [to Maxine]

CSI: Vegas Quotes

Deputy: The detectives are asking if there's any more guns in the house.
Brass: Guns? Sure. There's a bunch. But LVPD is good at their jobs. They'll find them.

Maxine: The homeowner is Jim Brass.
Allie: Is this going to be like the time I didn't know who Drew Carey was.