I never would have guessed that Nicolas was married. Not by the way he conducts himself up in Dallas.


Bobby: Sometimes the truth hurts.
Nicolas: On that we can agree. It will be interesting to see who it will hurt more.

I'm her little angel, but you bring out the devil in me.


Lack of integrity is a chronic condition. People aren't unethical only once, either in business or in life.


I guess maybe I'm haunted by the philandering ghost of J.R.

Sue Ellen

You can either get your men and hop on board my train or you can get run over.

John Ross

I learned the hard way that cheaters are almost always liars too.

Sue Ellen

Grow into your father's greatness, not his weakness.


Sue Ellen: In the old days these things would end up with a fist fight in the pool.
Ann: It's still early.

You are so sexy when you're scary.

John Ross

If I ever find out that you've been stepping out on me, God's wrath will be the least of your worries.


These people are a lot of things but they are not stupid.


Dallas Quotes

I ain't a virgin but i ain't a whore either.


I've got family business to attend to before anybody knows I'm dying.