Chad: No reason this can't be handled quietly. We got a problem between three families. So we gotta solve that problem before it turns into a war.
Sonny: A war means a lot of innocent people could get hurt.
Chad: So let's solve the problem. Dario, you in?
Dario: I don't know. You two are close friends, you've been hanging together for years. Sometimes even business partners. I'm the outsider. Why should I trust you?

Brady: So you putting the wedding plans on hold?
Nicole: No. I just can't meet with the wedding planner today. I am going to go see Holly and Chloe.
Brady: Why you doing that?

Dario: Hey, Nicole. I'm glad I ran into you. Wanna go to the movies? I heard that new comedy is really great.
Nicole: Um, well, I kind of already made plans.
Dario: With Deimos, right? Nicole, you should stay away from that guy.
Nicole: That 'guy' is my fiance. And I wish people would stop saying that to me.
Dario: Yeah, well, Deimos is dangerous. And when you're that dangerous, bad things happen. Stay away from Deimos.

Not everything bad is a criminal offense.


He's got my boy.


I think that girl is just what the boy needs. He's going to learn fast.


Carrie: Mother, Tony is dead. Has been that way for a long time. Tell her Austin.
Austin: Guy's a goner.

I thought I'd get you something crystal I didn't steal.


Nice, isn't it, when you have interesting people on your side?


I can picture you now. Shooting your way into the Dimera compound, pistol in one hand disposable nappies in the other.


Obviously you’re seeing what you want to see, because you’ve fallen in love with him.


I hate your compliments more than I hate your slurs.