Maybe the preacher was right about Rock n' Roll. You know what would never hurt anyone? A nice show tune.


Zari: My totem was glowing and so was Elvis' guitar.
Amaya: Well that means is...
Zari: Yup. Elvis is a totem bearer.

Zari: Well this is uncomfortable, and I'm not just talking about my dress.
Wally: Yeah, I guess these people never got the whole "Love thy neighbor talk."

It's too much change on this damn ship.


Nora: I’m not enjoying myself. I’m annoyed.
Damien: Hi Annoyed, I’m Dad.

Until you find a selfless reason to wield it, my grandmother’s bond to the totem, even from a distance, will remain stronger than yours.


What do we say when we tell him we didn’t even notice he was gone?


Ava: I think I’ll have more of your amazing French toast.
Sara: Must have worked up an appetite last night.

Nate: It’s the devil’s triangle.
Ray: It’s just a myth.

Maybe that’s why I never fit on Team Flash.


Amaya: Why’s everyone staring at me?
Mick: If there’s one thing pirates love more than treasure, it’s a good story.

It seems my days of legending are over.