Ava: Co-captains forever, baby. I love you so, so much, Sara Lance.
Sara: I love you.

Sara: He told me what this is about. He told me what everything is about. He said..."We are all connected."
Nate: I think I saw that on a bumper sticker once.
Sara: It was really profound in the moment.

Constantine: Do you remember all those years ago when I said that stable relationships weren't right for you and me? I was wrong. Loving and being loved, that is the point. I had that. It should have been enough, but I wanted more. Now the whole world, especially Zari, are suffering because of my mistake.
Sara: I think I understand.

Bishop: You're a working Ava.
Ava: Well, I work, but I don't let my work define me, you know?

Behrad: I don't think John's dead. I think he's inside this little guy. Just look and listen and clear your mind.
Zari: Are you high right now? Did you come to me after John died stoned?

Sara: Mick, you okay?
Mick: Charred. Nothing new.

Spooner: Astra, take care of me.
Astra: Always.

Spooner: Please believe me. I can fix history. I can save you and little Esperanza.
Gloria: Esperanza.
Spooner: It's me. It's me. And now that I'm here, you two can stay together. I'm going to protect you. I'm going to protect you.

Kayla: And how did you survive?
Mick: Miracle of childbirth.

Astra: You seem different.
Constantine: What, you mean not overburdened by guilt and remorse?

Astra: We have to go and get the others.
Spooner: How? I can't drive this ship without Gideon. Can you?
Astra: I don't even have a driver's license.

Ava: So you're just going to turn your back on all of us?
Constantine: Oh, let's be honest. I was never one of you lot, really, was I? A Legend. No, I'm a nasty piece of work and I walk my path alone.