Jane: Do you think I'm delusional?
Stacy: I think that you came back to life after you died, so anything is possible!

Motherhood must've altered your brain chemistry.

Grayson [to Kim]

Stacy: Does evil run in your family?
Owen: Mostly neurosis and sluggish thyroids, evil I don't recall.

Hold on, excuse me. Who exactly are we representing? Oh my god is this about the Justin Bieber deportation?


Are you asking me out? Because you heard the whole single mom, baby thing.


Of course I'm fine. I may be lactating, but I still know how to play a judge.


With an open heart and positive attitude, anything is possible.


Well sweetie, the thing is not everyone's as accepting as I am when it comes to metaphysical reveals.


Jane when someone you love dies, everything about that person holds meaning.


The judge ordered me to sleep off my attitude.


Jane: Grayson's in jail.
Stacy: This is awesome news! He didn't stand you up!

Grayson: I'll bring some of that fruity Pinot Grigio you like.
Jane: Oh no, I mean that's actually really thoughtful since that's what I used to drink, but my new taste buds prefer something a little drier.
Grayson: Chardonnay it is.

Drop Dead Diva Quotes

I also heard that the firm is having financial problems and it's up to you to save us all. Must be like trying to save the Titanic.

Jane [to Kim]

I haven't stopped thinking about Jane since she left for Italy.