Sherlock: You want sex?
Vanowen: Excuse me?
Sherlock: I'm not a verse, I'm just busy. Perhaps we should set an appointment? You're flirting, this crossword talk. You find me attractive. The feeling is mutual... Mostly. The musculature of your legs, your shoulders suggest a certain elasticity that I find quite tantalizing. I must warn you however, our relationship could never go beyond the physical. No offense to you of course, it's just not my way.
Watson: Hey! Am I interrupting?
Vanowen: No. Not even a little.

[To Sherlock] You're an addict too?..... Crosswords.


Now we have to find a VCR..... In 2012


Sherlock: He turned the screw
Joan: So-to-speak

I can help your friend Ms. Watson he just has to let me.


With all due respect Holmes, so what?