I’m not telling them that the reason Piper didn’t come home with me is ‘cause she didn’t want to. I thought that that might be hard for them to hear.


Jo: She didn’t want to go
Brooks: She sent you a message. She wanted to be found. What changed her mind?
Jo: I think they changed it for her.
Brooks: Let’s see if we can find a way to change it back.

Benny: I didn't have a choice.
Jo: I trusted you. She trusted you.

Cool house. Very "Texas Chainsaw Massacre."


I'm a robot. Great theory.


Brooks: That was not a person?
Jo: No, I think he's like Piper.

He was planning this. I just don't get it, he was helping me, he was a friend.


She doesn't belong to you. Shen never will.


You've grown fond of her. She is remarkable. A perfect construction in an imperfect world. Her design was stolen from us.


Benny: Just from personal experience, you can't ghost the FBI.
Jo: Yeah, I know that. But I don't have to make it easy for them either.

Chris: So are we chalking this up in the win column or the loss column?
Jo: Yes.

Jo: I've been here before.
Chris: What was inside?
Jo: It's kind of a long story. They had robot dogs, though.
Chris: I just really wish I could have seen that.
Jo: I know.

Emergence Quotes

Benny Gallagher: I know what the report is going to say. They're going to say it was an unmanned drone. Monitoring pollution. Mapping forests. Some rubbish like that.
Jo: How do you know that?
Benny: I have sources. Sources that you don't have. You and I can share information.
Jo: I doubt very much that you'd have any information that I'd want.

Ed: Piper? Piper! Did you forget your new name already?
Piper: Oh, I didn't hear you, sorry.