Alex: Who you can trust and who you can't. I know you probably think you can already tell, but I promise you you really don't. Your parents they're pretending that nothing is wrong, they're saying that everything is okay, but it's really not. they're lying to you. Both of them, but especially your dad. It doesn't mean that he doesn't love you. I know that he does, Someone can love you and still lie to you. Some people, it's just what they do. It's what the world is like, but you can handle it if you know how.
Ellen: How?
Alex: you let them think they're fooling you. You act like you believe them, but you never forget who they really are, and you never let them stop you from getting the life that you want. And if they try, you leave them. They don't get to leave you.

Murder is a brand now. You want people to know you're not a killer. But a lot of them would like you better if you were.


Beth: Should we have him over to eat or something? Or would that be too weird?
Arthur: We'll find out when we do it.

Beth: Did you do something to my mother?
Alex: I'm pregnant.
Beth: I don't believe you.

Beth: Thank you for coming.
Alex: Why wouldn't I? How else was I going to find out what you want?

I have spent my entire life in the service of justice. It would go against everything that I believe to take someone else's. No matter how afraid I just couldn't do that. Not to Alexandra Forrest, not to anyone else.


I should call the cops and report you missing. Tell them you're a danger to yourself. That's what you deserve. You expect people to care about you when you treat them like this? Not to mention if no one knows where you are, what are you going to do when you need something? Because you are going to need something, honey, you're a fucking black hole of need.


Winning can't be the goal when winning isn't possible right?


Alex's Mother: Where's your father?
Young Alex: Where did he say he was supposed to be?

Dan: Where's the body?
Earl: I was hoping that you would tell me.

Clay: Alex, it would hurt me a lot, but to help you, Alex, I would give up whatever we are to each other for you not to be in pain.
Alex: We're nothing.
Clay: Ok, then, whatever we could be.
Alex: Nothing. We're nothing!

Ok, so here's what's going to happen. I'm going to find her body, and I'm going to put you under the prison, okay? You got nothing to say now? That's not like you; you always got something to say.


Fatal Attraction Quotes

Beth: So what happens now?
Dan: Nothing.
Beth: But you crashed a company car drunk.
Dan: Well, we know that, and Mike knows that, but they don't know that.

Bad decisions lead to bad outcomes, you play stupid games, you win stupid prizes.