Madison: Are you hitting on me?
Strand: I'm a seducer of people.

Service is sub-par.


From death we come...and to death we deliver ourselves.


Don't look, don't look...


You're foolish. Death is not to be feared, but it shouldn't be pursued. There's a difference.


Alejandro: Strange...Luciana said you were brave.
Nick: I'm not.

This is not apocalypse. This a beginning, Nicolas. The end of death itself. Life, eternal.


Celia: That man, my beautiful, stupid son, wanted YOU!
Strand: He's not your son.

You belong here with us, Nicolas, with me. Stay.


Travis: I should have helped you.
Chris: Look at me. I'm no good. I'm no good.

Abigail: Under normal circumstances, I'm a much better host.
Madison: Under normal circumstances, I'm a much less intrusive guest.
Strand: Come on now, Madison, you and I both know that isn't true.

Nick: They're not really dead.
Celia: No, they're not Nicholas.
Nick: So what are they?
Celia: They are what comes next.

Fear the Walking Dead Season 2 Quotes

I could have fixed it! You shot her!


Nick: What if San Diego doesn't work out?
Strand: I don't know. The whole world is I don't know right now. You should know about that.